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of a defense appropriations bill. are you working on a similar proposal with democrats and republicans? quite i am definitely working democrats and republicans to overhaul this program to magically. there have been a number of discussions already. senators on both sides of the aisle. the discussions have accelerated sent that extraordinary house vote. we also have a quarter of the united states senate on record saying they are very interested in pursuing certainly the issues that are central to this debate. that is the reason we insisted on finally getting the answers. you are going to see a very strong and bipartisan effort in the senate to pick up on the work of the house and to fix a problem that i inc. in the sl intrudes on the privacy and liberties and millions of law-abiding americans. >> under what way would you do that? saidw dianne feinstein they are working on. i will not rule out any possibilities. depending on how the leadership might want to construct it, it is possible they would like to of thediscussion of some other issues and reserve and opportunity for us to raise our bulkrns
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)